Pancho Tolchinsky
Thinking is Beautiful
Thinking is not only important, it’s also fascinating. It’s beautiful. By understanding how we think we render more visible our mental constructions. Once visible, we can play with them.

I graduated in Mathematics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and earned a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the Polytechnical University of Catalonia. At the university, I worked on a few projects involving Commonsense Reasoning and Human-Computer Interaction. I later worked at the Yahoo! Research Lab, developing crazy prototypes for data exploration. Previously, I worked as a teacher/software-developer/researcher in a Master in Architecture at Metapolis (now IaaC) in Barcelona, and helped developing software for the architects of the Sagrada Familia. More recently I worked as a consultant in communication strategy for the Alzheimer Foundation in Catalonia and I frequently collaborate with the Branding and Design Studio Mucho bringing together Cognitive Science and Design. In addition, I work as a photographer in commercial and personal projects.

In this diverse career, I continuously stumble upon the fact that we're educated based on an outdated intuition regarding how we think. An intuition that doesn't promote imagination and creativity. This is what has motivated me to become a missionary of Cognitive Science.

Nowadays I deliver workshops and participate in projects to help people discover the beauty and power of the human mind.